Would you like to become a game designer, skillful player or awesome creator?

RectorStudio is a haven of independent designers, artists, storytellers and developers, and for anyone who is interested in the game making field.

Let’s see what you can do here!

  • Play RectorStudio games: find out what game genre you may be able to develop by playing our games! if you complete them, you’ll be able to purchase rewards that you can spend to access our content!
  • Learn digital arts on RectorClass: acquire the skills you need to start your career in the game making field!
  • Work at your game with RectorNetwork: find a team on our community, make your games and submit them to RectorStudio for review. We are committed to help you making great games and pierce the white noise that could impair your visibility.

You can do any of these things independently, or enjoy them as a chain.

Let’s see each of those in detail.



RectorStudio is currently developing a Visual Novel for the itch.io game jam!

The game Beta version will be available on February, 2018.


Would you like to begin your journey towards game making mastership?

We’re glad to have you there!

First of all, you need to join RectorStudio community, which is called RectorNetwork. It’s the simplest thing in the world: you just need to login to our Discord server!

As soon as your subscription is received, you will be given access to RectorClass service!

If you’re already a RectorNetwork member, you can skip this step!

Join RectorNetwork

You then need to fill this simple form to set up your profile.

First of all, you need to choose your main role! This is what you’re mostly good at. You will be able to change that afterwards if you need to, so don’t worry.

  • Planner: works on game design & project management
  • Artist: realises arts / sountrack
  • Writer: works on the storyline
  • Scripter: writes the code / realises animations

We are building a specific learning path for each role. Roles are also fundamental to build up team during courses, so it is your first step into creating your profile.

Note that you will be able to complete each learning path: your main role is not a boundary!

Finally, choose your favourite game type: 1D [Visual / Kinetic Novels, textual games], 2D, 3D. This helps us understanding which game engines could be of interests for you.

You can fill all this information here below!

Each time you get to a learning path milestone, you will get a badge! Badges will be visible on RectorNetwork, and on your RectorStudio profile page. Both the features are under development, and will be released soon.


After you complete any of the Learning Paths, you will be able to join RectorStudio Lab, a place in which you will be followed by us and experts to realise your dream of participating in the making of a great game!

RectorStudio is hiring for other positions too! Check them out!

RectorNews Editor

RectorNews is our news channel! We feature game design, digital arts, videogames and anime!

Working as an Editor will grant you rewards that will be proportional to how much work is performed. Contact @rectornero on RectorNetwork to know all the details.

Contact Us

If you want to contact us, we provide you 4+1 methods!

#1 – Discord

Do I need an account? No
Instant messaging? Yes
Messages are public? Yes [read below]
Messages are persistent (still there if I close the application)?

Discord is an instant messaging app well known by gamers. It is also the simplest, most immediate and secure way I know to communicate.

The messages you write on Discord are public, but you can contact us privately by writing to the staff, which have white username and the “Admiral” role. My account is RectorNero#2185

If you don’t need the message to be private, just write the message on the channel!

Join Discord

#2 – This form

Do I need an account? No
Instant messaging? No
Messages are public? No
Messages are persistent (still there if I close the application)?
No [click on submit!]

Do you want to share a simple message with us? Fill this form! If you want us to respond, please specify any contact on the related field. “Name” and “Contact” fields are not required.


#3 – Facebook

Do I need an account? Yes [a Facebook account]
Instant messaging? Yes
Messages are public? No [if you write through the instant messaging function, it will stay if you write it on the page]
Messages are persistent (still there if I close the application)?

If you want to contact directly RectorStudio’s owner (which is me), feel free to send me a message to my FB profile:

RectorNero’s Profile

#4 – E-mail

Do I need an account? Yes [any email address]
Instant messaging? No
Messages are public? No
Messages are persistent (still there if I close the application)?
Maybe, as a draft [remember to send the email!]

My personal email is:


If you prefer a traditional method, this is the one!

Extra – Find me!

Do I need an account? Yes [you must be logged in the real world]
Instant messaging? Yes [the wave propagation delay in air is negligible, as the one of web messages
Messages are public? Yes, if you speak out loud, no (at least, usually) if you whisper
Messages are persistent (still there if I close the application)?
No (as long as nobody register you while you speak)

If you manage to find me (RectorNero) in person, you can use your voice to speak with me. Where am I? If you really wish to meet me, find me.


Just joking, I think I’m going to organise some local event in the future, so that you can find me somewhere 😛 If you meet me by chance and you also manage to recognise me, stop me, it’s always a pleasure for me to have a surprise talk!