Ren’Py – Basic

This course will teach you how to create an a Visual Novel with Ren’Py. It doesn’t require any knowledge about game design, programming, scripting, drawing, animation or planning.

You will learn how to handle Ren’Py elements: characters, setting and story. You will then dive into the creation of a real project together with your classmates.

Please, enroll to request a seat on the next Virtual Classroom.



  • None


  • The basics of Game Design
  • Getting started with Ren’Py
  • Characters: art, mechanics and background
  • Setting: scenes, character positioning, transitions
  • Story: dialogues, menus and timers
  • Game mechanics: screens, script and variables
  • Team development of a simple Ren’Py project

Certification of Accomplishment

To get the Certification of Accomplishment, you must complete a set of exercises and meet minimum requirements.

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