RPG Maker MV – Basic


Available from Spring, 2018

This course will teach you how to create an RPG without knowing anything about game design, programming, scripting, drawing, animation or planning.

You will first learn the bases of each of the skills listed above. After that, you will learn how to handle RPG Maker elements: characters, setting and story. You will then dive into the creation of a real project together with your classmates.

Pre-Enrolling is free and gives you access to early updates and exclusive news.



  • [optional, recommended] RPG Maker MV product installed on your PC


  • The basics of Game Design
  • Getting started with RPG Maker MV
  • Characters: art, mechanics and background
  • Setting: maps, tiles
  • Story: events, plots and challenges
  • Team development of a RPG Maker MV Project

Certification of Accomplishment

To get the Certification of Accomplishment, you must either:

  • Submit the project created in the last step of the course and meet the minimum requirements
  • Answer the questions on the theory’s test [for those that want to follow the course but don’t have RPG Maker MV]

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